Top 10 most expensive NFTs ever sold

These are some of the most expensive NFTs that have ever sold!

10. CryptoPunk #5217 — $5.59m

The CryptoPunk #5217 is also one of the company’s (Larva Labs), most expensive NFTs. The NFT was first available for purchase in 2018 for slightly more than $1800. In July 2021, it was sold for a whopping $5.45 million. CryptoPunk #5217 has a few unique design elements as well as a high price tag. It is one of 419 designs with a knitted cap and 169 with a gold chain around its neck. Even more amazing is that it is only one of 24 CryptoPunks in the Ape series.

9. Beeple’s Ocean Front — $6m

Along with Larva Labs, Beeple is a significant name in the NFT field. Beeple’s has sold several world-record-breaking NFTs, including the Ocean Front NFT shown above. Ocean Front was auctioned off for a cool $6 million, despite the fact that it isn’t even the most expensive Beeple production. Ocean Front is a stunning work of art, even if it did not sell for the highest price. It depicts a wooden structure floating in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by cargo containers and campers/RVs. At the very top, there is a large tree and two red mushrooms.

8. XCopy’s A Coin for the Ferryman — $6.3m

XCopy’s first works, ‘A Coin for the Ferryman,’ created in 2018, sold for nearly $6 million on November 4, 2021. The piece is composed of scribbled faces on a colorful background, with the GIF format ensuring that it is unique and something the owner can be proud of. After all, it’s possible that this is the last of its kind.

7. Beeple’s Crossroad — $6.6m

Beeple’s Crossroad is a 10-second video that shows people walking through a large, fallen body with insults scrawled all over it. Beeple’s work is popular because it offers something different than typical NFTs, and the price justifies the work.

6. CryptoPunk #7804 — $7.6m

The fact that CryptoPunk #7804 is one of only nine Alien CryptoPunks produced by Larva Labs adds to its uniqueness. Aliens, apes, and zombies are examples of unusual CryptoPunks, in addition to regular CryptoPunks. This Alien character wears a pair of small sunglasses, a smoking pipe with a few clouds of smoke rising from it, and a front-facing cap. The auction was held simultaneous with the sale of CryptoPunk #3100, which sold for $10,000 more than #7804.

5. CryptoPunk #3100 — $7.7m

In the same context as CryptoPunk #7804, one of the most expensive CryptoPunks is also one of the nine Alien Punks. It has the blue-greenish skin tone of SpongeBob SquarePants. The Alien wears a combination of the blue and white headband, as do nearly 405 of the 10,000 characters. The Punk, which was sold on March 11, 2021, started at $76 in a 2017 bid, progressed to $2 million, and eventually reached its current price of $7.7 million.

4. CryptoPunk #7523 — $11.75m

CryptoPunk $7523, which DraftKings shareholder Shalom Mackenzie purchased for $11.7 million. CryptoPunk #7523 is also part of the Alien line, though it differs in terms of attachments from its #7804 and #3100 siblings. This NFT is adorned with a crimson beanie, gold earrings, and a face mask. When combined with the rare Alien skin, CryptoPunk #7523 becomes one of the most iconic and expensive digital creations.

3. Beeple’s HUMAN ONE — $28.985

This is another Beeple NFT, and while it isn’t the most expensive work by the artist, it may be the most unique. Human One, unlike most NFTs, is a hybrid design that combines physical and digital components. It’s a sculpture with a 16K resolution made of polished aluminum, mahogany wood, and four TV screens. What is the most enjoyable aspect? On those screens, a virtual avatar will change over time. Beeple claims that he will keep updating the avatar for as long as he lives, making whatever changes he sees fit. If you’re going to spend nearly $29 million on a new car, why not get one that looks like this?

2. Everydays: the First 5000 Days — $69.4m

Christie’s auctioned off a large collection of Beeple’s artworks for a record-breaking 69 million dollars in its first-ever digital art auction. Beeple has been creating artwork every day since May 2007, without missing a single day. Everydays are works of art that vary in style, medium, and theme, and frequently depict dystopian or satirical scenarios.

1. Pak’s ‘The Merge’ — $91.8m

The Merge by digital artist Pak is the most expensive NFT ever sold, coming in first place. Pak is another well-known figure in the world of NFT, having created some of the most well-known works. The artist’s true identity is unknown, but that hasn’t stopped them from amassing a sizable fan base in the world of digital art. Pak’s Merge is the most inventive NFT they’ve created. Rather than a single static work of art, The Merge was a collection of masses that people could purchase. People’s masses grew in size as they spent more money. With combined sales of $91.8 million, it’s easy to see why all of these people are grouped together under the same creation.